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Managing content on a website is all about demonstrating expertise on a particular subject and create your content accordingly. Creating informative content that demonstrates thought leadership or demonstrates a unique or compelling argument is what all good viral posts and videos have in common. Good content providers follow the Ann Handley model for publishing dynamic content, but we have simplified it to focus on the good of the good writing style:

The Good of the Good Writing Style

  • Good anticipation
  • Good data
  • Good teaching
  • Good writing
  • Good rewriting
  • Good logic
  • Good simplicity
  • Good reiteration
  • Good natured
  • Good editing

Good nomenclature

For most website managers, content originates on a website and trickles out to social media outlets. For this reason, these websites should be top-level domains (i.e., dot-coms). Consistency in publication schedules and consistency with internally linking nomenclature is also necessary. That means that you must ensure a consistent naming convention for long talk keywords as well as permalinks. To create a good permalink, create a title that encompasses the long tail keyword,” that literal phrase someone might search. Make sure your “Permalink” matches the title exactly, using dashes to separate spaces:


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