Electrical installations require more than just a simple change of wiring and fixtures. In addition to utilizing a licensed electrician in Greenville, SC, home owners must be sure that care is taken to plan and execute details down to the wire. Without a doubt, the single most important hire made by homeowners is for a licensed electrician in Greenville who understands the safety, installation and design that goes into making a house functional and beautiful.

Expert Gators understands that the process for hiring an electrician (or any contractor) can be a daunting one. Let us help to guide you through the process of hiring a reliable electrician in Greenville, SC.

10 rules for hiring an licensed electrician in Greenville, SC

    1. Is the electrician in Greenville Licensed?
      Don’t just take their word for it, ask for a copy of the license
    2. Does the licensed electrician in Greenville have insurance?
      In the event something goes wrong on the job, you and your property will be better protected against liability that can arise if something goes wrong during the installation.
Fixture Replacement
Fixture Replacement can be more complicated than just having someone replace a light bulb.
  1. Who pulls the permits?
    It is typically the electricians job to get a permit from the county or city. Don’t just take the licensed electrician’s word for it, ask for a recent copy of another job to ensure they are up-to-date.
  2. Does the licensed electrician in Greenville guarantee their work?
    By communicating and contracting expectations out of the gate, residential home owners can ensure that they will have the comfort for years to come that the work will hold up.
  3. Get references from the licensed electrician in Greenville
    Again, don’t take the contractor’s word for it. It’s easy enough to ask for phone numbers and make the calls that can help ensure that the installation is going to be done by someone who is experience in making customers happy.
  4. Ask for pictures of sample projects from the licensed electrician
    These days, any contractor will be proud to show you a list of projects they have completed successfully as well as photos of those projects. You may even find a few ideas when seeing their applications.
  5. What happens if the project takes longer?
    The contract should state up front what any overages will entail in expense and time. Homeowners often want to add projects to the list as they go, so be sure the licensed electrician clearly outlines in the contract what those fees will be and who will be responsible if projects take longer than expected.
  6. Ask for a product list from the licensed electrician
    Prior to starting a project, the electrician should provide a list of materials that will be used during the installation.
  7. Make sure the electrician is local
    Because local regulations require specific code adherence, it behooves the homeowner to find someone who is experienced with pulling permits and sticking to the codes dictated by the county and city where the home is located.
  8. How many years as the electrician been in business?
    Experience is the name of the game when it comes to good contracting and implementation of projects. Without the needed experience, an electrician will undoubtedly make the mistakes on your house that he won’t make later.

Having comfort that your licensed electrician in Greenville will finish the work and adhere to your specifications is the name of the game. Do more than Google their past reviews. By checking up on their references and asking for the proper paperwork to support their business you can find a good start to a satisfactory installation.