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Of course we’re in a housing bubble and everybody knows it. For that reason, it behooves the home owner to take full advantage of the getting while the getting is good. While those wealthy enough to do so are flipping properties and houses as fast as they can, others are sitting on the sidelines and waiting for “the right time to buy their dream home.” Home ownership in Greenville is at an all-time high, but that doesn’t mean you should be complacent during the rise of the housing market. Here’s what we are recommending to overcome the housing bubble in Greenville, SC:

Advice For Cash-Rich Home Owners in Greenville, SC

Here’s a prediction: The next presidential election could auger in the inevitable “housing crash” that so many home owners fear. Some predictions are that a financial crash will come in 2020 if Donald Trump loses and civil unrest grips the country and the stock market plummets. Regardless of one’s perspective on politics, homeowners would do well to strategize around what happens if the country’s biggest economic boom collapses. Here’s what the experts recommend for those rich folks who want to overcome the housing bubble in Greenville, SC:

  • Wait until AFTER the next recession begins to buy a house for cash
  • Sell investment properties BEFORE the next recession begins by maximizing the sales price for all investment properties
  • Downsize your house by selling now, then rent your next property until AFTER the next recession begins

Advice For Cash-Poor Home Owners in Greenville, SC

Many economists are suggesting that the housing bubble in Greenville, SC is creating a perfect opportunity to wait.

If you are looking to build wealth, then now is not the time to buy your dream home. Consider renting a smaller house or apartment while waiting until AFTER the next recession begins. Those who don’t like being left out of the home ownership market will not see relief until at least 2021, say some economists.

  • Homes less than $100,000 in good areas are impossible to find, so wait until AFTER the next recession to buy at this price level
  • Consider the difficulty inherent in securing a lone AFTER the next recession begins. Banks will not want to lend money, and that means those without the cash to buy a house will not be able to secure a lone
  • Wait to buy that dream home for more than $300,000 until AFTER the next recession
  • The best homes to hold their value during a recession are those between $100,000 and $300,000. If you must buy, then keep within these numbers