Quit Or Not

QuitOrNot.com is the patent pending online decision maker to help determine whether to quit your job or not. Our technologists believe that arriving at this answer is best done by following finite and subjective steps that lead to corollaries. (A corollary is a proposition that is proven by proving another proposition.) So, after a visitor answers a series of relevant questions about his or her job situation, the patent-pending algorithm analyzes the results and provides a final answer to quit or not. The feedback forum may assist in bringing other objective opinions to the debate to confirm or refute the algorithmic test results. As is so often the case with life, the subjective and objective worlds don’t always agree, so it’s with this fact in mind that test takers should carefully consider all factors in their lives before making their own decisions whether to quit or not.

How the Algorithm Works
The patent pending formulas inside our “black-box” system source data from major indices spanning financial, educational, geographical and occupational sectors. These statistics are used for real-time analysis of test results, then combine with data generated from patent pending psychoanalytical formulas analyzing the test taker’s pecuniary and emotional states of being. The corollaries produced from this schema may be useful in determining whether to quit a job or not. Vetted against the user community on QuitOrNot.com, where the best advice can be voted on by other users, we believe a “best recommendation” can be generated to assist in the decision to quit, or hang on for a little (or a lot!) longer.